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July 19, 2006 Fellow Hararis; THE ORGANZING COMMITTEE WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL VOLUNTEERS AND ALL THOSE DEDICATED TORONTONIAN HARARIS WHO SUPPORTED US PHYSICALLY, MORALLY AND FINANCIALLY. WE THANK ALL OUR YOUTH WHO CONTRIBUTED IMMENSLY ANDTHE HARARI COMMUNITY OF ONTARIO BOARD AND ITS DEDICATED MEMBERS WHO WERE ALSO THE ESSENTIAL PART OF THIS SUCCESS. Toronto, the city where the Harari Sports and Cultural Federation (HSCF) was established and its First Constitution was ratified, had the privilege of hosting the 11th Annual Harari Sports and Cultural Festival. By the viewpoint of the overwhelming response we received from the attendees, the event was a great success, especially, with the massive turnout, which turned out to be the most on record. Nevertheless, considering all the effort we have exerted and the sacrifices we have made, we sincerely apologize and regret a few of our shortcomings that did not meet our guests’ expectations. The presence of our Harari Regional State President, His Excellency Murad Abdulhadi and his entourage along with the magnificent Hablul Band added significant value and color to the entire event and made this year’s festivities quite a winner. The event was kicked off Sunday by a Musical Bercha Session that went well into the night. During the week long event, the transportation department, lead by Jamal Durri did an incredible job in transporting material back and forth between the community center and the field. The coordination and team work of the food and beverage team, lead by Ayni Abdella was pretty impressive. There was plenty of food available for all during the entire event. The financial committee headed by Fakiha Muktar, did well with regard to the sales of foods, beverages and T-shirts. The lack of space for parking was a nuisance, especially, on the first day. While others were lucky, we regret that some did get parking violation tickets. The Security and First Aid Team headed by Meftuh Shash did a wonderful job even though some of our kids were difficult to handle. The first aid area was covered well and only two minor incidents were reported and treated in a timely manner. The sports teams of both the youth and the adult, headed by Esmael Sukar and Afandi Waber were seen fiercely competing. We extend our thanks to our Field Organizer – Fuad Mohammed Issa, MC Zaidan and the Camera Men Megas Abdureshid and Jamal Yusuf who have captured the historical moments of the event. As a tradition, the Mawlud led by Sheikh Jamaa was very exciting to all. Men dressed in white and ladies in their colorful traditional dresses, chanting Zikri, gave the celebration its rightful significance. By all accounts, Ziwariqa day was the day that everyone relaxed. It was beautiful day weather wise, and it appeared that everyone had a good time. Harari Day was always an event that many people look forward to. Even though, the timing was delayed and the closing event was pushed further, the show in itself, once started was great. Even though some had reservations with the choice of the Friday Gala night venue, Hablul rocked the place but was cut short by how late the party has started. Selling snacks like Sambusa and drinks was a good idea. Saturday Gala Night was the night of all nights with Hablul Band entertaining the crowd once again. Lot’s of people showed up – and danced the night away. Thanks to our guests, Hablul Band and Nawala, and to our local artists Murad Bulle and Zinat Basha for their efforts in making the event a success. Thanks to all who came to Toronto and made this festival one of a kind.

Released by: The Organizing Committee.


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